The Scorpion

There was a scorpion that lived in the forest. One day he wanted to cross the river, but he realized that he could not swim. Therefore he kept trying to hang on the side of the river and trying to figure out a way to cross the river. All of his attempts were failed. Finally he came to the conclusion that he needed to ask the other animals for help.

Soon after, he noticed a rabbit hopping along. He asked the rabbit “Can you please help me?” The rabbit said “What do you need help with?” The scorpion replied “I want to cross the river, but I cannot swim. Can you give me a ride across the river?” The rabbit looked at the scorpion and said “Of course not! You are going to sting me and I am going to die!” Immediately the rabbit hopped over the river quickly and disappeared.

So the scorpion decided to continue to wait for the next animal to come along. Not much later, a fox was running along towards the river. The scorpion jumped in front of the fox and asked “Can you please help me?” The fox was taken aback and took a couple of leaps backwards and asked “What do you need help with?” The scorpion then said “I need to cross the river, but I cannot swim. Can I climb on your back and cross the river with you?” The fox immediately said “Of course not! You are going to sting me and I am going to die!” The fox swiftly jumped across the river and disappeared.

The scorpion was staring to worry about not being able to cross the river. He decided to wait once again for another animal to come and perhaps that animal will be willing to help him. Eventually there was a turtle that came to the river. The scorpion asked the turtle “Can you please help me?” The turtle replied “What do you need help with?” The scorpion said “I need to cross the river, but I cannot swim. Can I please climb on your shell and get a ride across the river?” The turtle, like the rabbit and the fox immediately said “Of course not! You will sting me and I will die!” However, this time, the scorpion said “It is ok.” He then proceeded to jump on the turtle’s shell. The turtle became frantic and tried to shake the scorpion off. However, his movements are too slow. The more the turtle tried to shake, the tighter the scorpion held on. After realizing that he was unable to get rid of the scorpion, the turtle gave in and said “Hey! You better not sting me. If you do sting me, I will die. If I die then you will also die because I will sink to the bottom of the river and you will drown.” The scorpion then said “Don’t worry, I will not sting you.”

The turtle cautiously continued to make his way to the river. As he got into the river, he reminded the scorpion one last time to not sting him. The scorpion once again reassured him that it would not happen. While the turtle was swimming across the river, the scorpion suddenly felt a lot of water. Worried that the turtle was trying to drown him, the scorpion frantically grabbed onto the shell tighter. The scorpion then asked the turtle “What are you doing? Are you trying to drown me?” The turtle said “No, the river is flowing very fast. Don’t worry; you will be able to cross the river safely.” Feeling that the turtle was lying to him, the scorpion stung the turtle. The turtle was very shocked and asked the scorpion with his very last breath “Why did you sting me? You promised not to sting me.” The scorpion said “I couldn’t help it; I was afraid. I thought you were trying to drown me.”

Even though all the other animals told the scorpion they did not want to help him because they were afraid to get stung and die, the scorpion still stung the turtle after he promised not to. Many people are unable to change their own flaws and constantly make the same mistakes over and over again. When other people try to correct them or let them know of what they are doing wrong, they get mad. Once a person gets angry, they become blind to their own mistakes and do things that harm other people and eventually end up harming themselves. However, if you take a step into that person’s shoes, you might just realize that there is a reason to their actions. If one interacts with people that are constantly suspicious or constantly hurt others, then that person should take the necessary precautions and make the right judgments to prevent getting hurt or taken advantage of.