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Chung Tai Zen Center in Seattle

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In 1998, the founding abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Venerable Master Wei Chueh, came to Seattle to teach the Buddha Dharma.  In 2008, ten years later, Buddha Jewel Monastery opened its doors in South Seattle. The spacious meditation hall accommodates all those who are interested. All the classes and events are conducted in both English and Mandarin. No wonder the Chinese media in Washington State calls the Monastery, “The famous Buddhism Center in the Pacific Northwest.”

Since its establishment, Buddha Jewel Monastery has been offering a wide variety of programs including Zen Buddhism classes in different levels, Sutra Study and Youth Classes. There are also monthly Buddhist ceremonies and meditation retreats. These programs represent the untiring efforts of the Dharma Masters. The number of students has been increasing steadily ever since.

In 2016, the monastery relocated to Shoreline. This beautiful building offers a peaceful and open atmosphere which naturally calms the mind and is conducive to the practice of Chan meditation. Newcomers and long-time students alike feel immensely enriched by what they find here.

The monastics and lay members welcome everyone to join us at our Shoreline facilities. Step inside Buddha’s Jewel and discover the path to enlightenment!

A Refreshing Spring in the Modern World

Meditation and Zen Buddhism help people calm their bodies and minds, relieve pressure and anxiety, and bring peace and insight into their lives.  As an outreach effort from Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan, Buddha Jewel Monastery opened its doors in Seattle in 2008, and is now located in Shoreline.





Opening the Door to Enlightenment


By teaching Zen meditation and Buddhism, Buddha Jewel Monastery aims to serve the Greater Seattle Area by helping people purify their minds and promote mutual understanding and social harmony.

Buddha Jewel Monastery welcomes everyone to attend our classes and events, to discover the joy of meditation, and to learn the wisdom of the Buddha.



  • Dress code: Socks are required. Wear comfortable and modest attire (sleeves and long pants). Optional meditation clothing may be obtained at the monastery.
  • Classes and events are free of charge. We are supported by your generous donations.
  • Seats are limited. Please sign up in advance at (206) 721-9921 or buddhajewel@ctzen.org.