Dharma Masters

Master Jian-Yan
Present Duties:
As the abbess of Buddha Jewel Monastery, Master Jian Yan is the Dharma and administrative leader of the monastery. In addition to giving many Dharma lectures in English and Chinese each week, she also conducts meditation retreats, presides over ceremonies, and is a spiritual advisor to all.
Her deep wisdom and compassion uniquely qualifies her to impart the skills needed to practice the Way in various class levels. Master Jian Yan resolves to dedicate herself to spreading the Dharma to benefit all sentient beings.

Abbess of Middle Land Chan Monastery, Pomona, CA
Abbess of Pu Zheng Meditation Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
Instructor at College Buddhist Association in Taipei, Taiwan.
Instructor at the Nuns’ Division of the Chung Tai Buddhist Institute.
Docent Director of Chung Tai Chan Monastery.
Executive Director at Buddha Gate Monastery in Lafayette, California.
Chung Tai Buddhist Institute for Nuns, Graduate Division
Designer at the Construction Office at Chung Tai Chan Monastery.

Master Jian-Lu
Executive Director

Master Jian-Gan
Finance Director

Master Jian-Jie
Docent Director